- Frequently Asked Questions-

(Regarding Music & Dance Academy.)

For questions regarding other services, please send an e-mail or call.

- How long are music lessons? 1 hour.

-How much are music lessons? There are several options. One of these is group lessons of up to five class members. The price is $95 per month for one lesson a week. Currently, we have a special offer of $130 per month for two lessons a week (lessons of the same instrument). We also offer private lessons. Give us a call for more details!

Additionally, there is a $40 registration fee, which includes the Academy T-Shirt. This shirt is used when performing in the Academy's shows and other events. You may also want to purchase the book needed for that specific instrument. While each student is taught at their own pace, all students of a certain instrument follow the same book.

-Are there any scholarships or financial aid? Currently, there is no financial aid. However, the administration is working to provide these opportunities as soon as possible, in collaboration with the non-profit organization, Pink H Foundation.

-Where can I take music and dance lessons? Lessons are given at Rivas Music & Video, located at 3416 W 84 St. #106 in Hialeah. For driving directions, please click here.

-When do the music and dance lessons take place? The academy is open from Monday to Friday 5pm - 8pm, and Saturdays 10am-2pm. Our classes take place during these hours. For a class-specific schedule, please call us.

- How long will it take me/my child to play or sing really well? It depends on whether you/your child have discipline, the will, and especially if you/your child practice at home. Practice is extremely important in music.

- What other types of classes are offered? The academy offers dance, modeling, drama, and etiquette classes on a seasonal (group lessons) and private basis (yearlong). Please call us for more information.